This is our first ever book review and we cannot heap enough praise on this marvellous book. If you are interested in Thai Curries, The Big Book of Thai Curries is the book to buy and indeed is the only book you will ever need. The author of The Big Book of Thai Curries, Vatcharin Bhumichter, has written a true masterpiece.

The Big Book of Thai Curries

In his informative but easy to read style, he opens with a little bit of history about Thai Curries and their composition. Regional differences are discussed along with some general information about how to cook a Thai Curry.

The basis of any Thai Curry is the Curry Paste and The Big Book of Thai Curries will show you in detail how to make many of the most common Curry Pastes used in Thailand, along with details about the ingredients used to make them. The main part of this book though is devoted to the Thai Curry Recipes collected from every region in Thailand. With some wonderful photography, the author simply and clearly explains how to make dozens of authentic Thai Curries that are as mouthwatering to taste as they are to look at. Throughout this book you will find little snippets about Thai Lifestyle and Culture that make The Big Book of Thai Curries extremely readable as well as informative.
We use this extraordinary book nearly every day. We’re sure you will too.

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