Fuyu Persimmon make a very refreshing fruit juice drink that brings out the full flavour of the Persimmon fruit. Simplicity itself to make, this Fuyu Persimmon fruit juice drink makes a pleasant change from the more common fruit drinks and is packed with vitamins. You can adjust the sweetness by varying the quantity of sugar. [Read More…]


One of the most exotic fruity drinks has to be this Dragon Fruit drink, a refreshing and really fruity combination of Dragon Fruit, Banana and Yoghurt. Some people say that Dragon Fruit is fairly tasteless but this recipe brings out all the tropical flavour of this most attractive fruit. Serve it in a glass or [Read More…]


Hibiscus tea comes from the Hibiscus sabdariffa plant or Roselle, which is native to the tropics. Hibiscus tea is made from an infusion of the dried calyxes which form at the base of the flowers as they mature. The red calyxes are frequently used as a natural food colouring but also make a delicious herbal tea which can be taken hot or ice cold.


Lemongrass Tea, served hot or cold makes a wonderful lemony refreshing drink. Lemongrass tea is very simple to make and is both delicious and good for health. If you’re having a stressful day, a glass of Lemongrass Tea will have a calming effect without the addition of any caffeine. In our recipe, we use Honey to sweeten but you can substitute ordinary sugar if you prefer.

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