Indonesian Stewed Chicken

Semur Ayam is a highly aromatic Indonesian stewed chicken dish. Our recipe for Semur Ayam uses a variety of fresh spices giving the chicken a glorious fragrance and we added some coconut milk to give the stewed chicken an extra touch of richness. This is a very popular dish in both Indonesia and Malaysia. Ingredients [Read More…]


Although Beef Rendang originated in Indonesia, Beef Rendang has become one of the best known dishes in Malaysia and Singapore as well. Beef Rendang is rich and aromatic. Slow cooked in coconut milk and toasted coconut flakes together with a glorious mix of spices, Beef Rendang is well worth the effort to make, and it is an effort.


Our Spicy Chicken with coconut milk Indonesian recipe uses several spices but is not a “hot spicy” dish. In this Indonesian recipe, fresh spices should be used if possible. This spicy chicken with coconut milk recipe turns ordinary grilled chicken into a vibrant and colourful dish that is full of flavour and is also very quick and easy to prepare.

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