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Sauces, Condiments and Dips contain recipes from all over Asia. Many of the best known commercial sauces can in fact be quite simply made at home and the little effort required is repaid many fold, not only by the improvement in flavour but also the ability to alter the quantities of ingredients to better suit your family’s preferences.

Shrimp Paste

Shrimp Paste known as Kapi in Thailand, Terasi in Indonesia, Belacan in Malaysia and Hom Ha in China is an integral and indispensable ingredient in S.E. Asian cooking. Shrimp Paste has a unique pungent aroma, which many people find distasteful but when used in cooking this smell dissipates completely and adds a rich flavour to food. The smell of Shrimp Paste can vary enormously between the different brands but none can be described as pleasant.

Japanese Wasabi - Wasabia Japonica

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Mar 042010
Japanese Wasabi

Japanese Wasabi, Wasabia Japonica, also known as Japanese Horseradish, is a strongly flavoured spice made from the root of Wasabia Japonica. Japanese Wasabi is available commercially as a ready made paste or as a white powder which turns green after being mixed with water to form a paste. Freshly grated Wasabia Japonica, whilst making the [Read More…]

Prik Nam Pla

In Thailand, no table is complete without a small bowl of Prik Nam Pla. This Thai Sauce is to Thailand what Ketchup is to the US or Soy Sauce is to Japan. Prik Nam Pla is a Thai sauce that has just 2 ingredients, Fish Sauce and small hot chillies known as Prik Kee Noo. [Read More…]


Nam Pla or Thai Fish Sauce is a seasoning sauce widely used in Thai and other Asian cuisines. Thai Fish Sauce is an absolutely indispensable ingredient in Thai cooking and is used instead of salt. Thai Fish Sauce is a brown, highly aromatic sauce made from fresh fish, mostly Anchovy but can be any fish. [Read More…]


This Chili Paste recipe is from Asia and is commonly used in Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. Our Chili paste recipe uses several mixed Asian spices including Candlenut and of course Chili. The Chili paste is best made with a mortar and pestle but a spice blender will do. If you are unable to find [Read More…]


Szechuan cuisine typically depends on strong flavours and hot spices like chillies. Our Szechuan Sauce recipe has all of this and more. Szechuan sauce is hot and can be used as a marinade or to add a hot spicy flavour to grilled meats or fish. It can even be used with noodles and salads. Try to use small chillies as they are generally hotter than large chillies but you can adjust to suit your taste.


Oyster Sauce was first created in China in 1888 and is made, unsurprisingly, with oysters. However, there is a vegetarian Oyster Sauce that is made with mushrooms, usually Oyster Mushrooms. Oyster Sauce is a dark brown viscous sauce that is used for flavouring in many Asian dishes and frequently used in stir fries. This type of flavour is described as Umami and is considered as the 5th flavour.


The Chinese Sauce Hoisin, sometimes called Chinese BBQ sauce, is a classic Chinese sauce. Hoisin has become indispensable in our kitchen because it is so simple to make and has such a wide variety of uses. We use Hoisin frequently in stir fries and barbecues and it is really delicious on its own as a dip for parties and snacks. Peking Duck is one well known example of the use of this Chinese sauce.


Sambal Oelek is a red chili sauce from Indonesia. Sambal Oelek can be made simply with just red chillies, sugar and salt but our Sambal Oelek red chili sauce recipe contains other ingredients to make a rich spicy sauce. Sambal is an Indonesian word for anything containing a large amount of chillies. When choosing the type of Chili to use in this recipe remember that generally speaking, the smaller the chili, the hotter it will be. Sambal Oelek is meant to be hot so try not to be too conservative with the Chillies.


Black Bean Sauce, one of the best known Chinese sauces, is made with fermented Chinese Black Beans. This Black Bean Sauce Recipe makes a thick Black Bean paste which is then liquidized to form a thinner sauce. It is important to soak the Black Beans in water for about 15 minutes and thoroughly rinse and drain them before using or the Black Bean sauce will be too salty.


Authentic Japanese Teriyaki Sauce is so simple to make. Our Teriyaki Sauce recipe has just 3 ingredients. Some Teriyaki Sauce purchased commercially includes other ingredients but that is not the Authentic Japanese recipe. The most important ingredient is Mirin which is a Japanese sweet white wine. The Mirin helps give the food an attractive lustre. If you cannot find Mirin you may substitute Sake with a little extra sugar or honey.


Soy Sauce is perhaps the best known Asian sauce. This Asian sauce has 2 basic types, Light or Dark. Dark Soy sauce is aged much longer than light Soy sauce and, as the name suggests, has a blacker colour and is more viscous. Light Soy sauce, with its saltier flavour is used more in cooking [Read More…]

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