In Thailand, no table is complete without a small bowl of Prik Nam Pla. This Thai Sauce is to Thailand what Ketchup is to the US or Soy Sauce is to Japan. Prik Nam Pla is a Thai sauce that has just 2 ingredients, Fish Sauce and small hot chillies known as Prik Kee Noo. Other ingredients can sometimes be added eg. a small amount of sugar, lime juice or chopped garlic but they are not normally included.

In most Thai restaurants you would have to specifically ask if you wanted other ingredients put in the Prik Nam Pla. Therefore if you wanted lime juice you would ask for Prik Nam Pla Manao (Manao=Lime). Thai people will spoon a little of this Thai sauce (Nam Jim) over nearly everything, even just plain boiled rice. For many Thais, even the spiciest of dishes is never quite spicy enough.

Prik Nam Pla

Ingredients for Prik Nam Pla – Thai Sauce

1 Tbsp Prik Kee Noo Chillies or similar small hot chillies (green and red) finely chopped
2-3 Tbsp Fish Sauce.


Put the chillies into a small dish and add the Fish Sauce, enough to cover the chillies.

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4 Responses to “Prik Nam Pla – Thai Sauce”

  1. and we can tell where is the “Prink Nahm Pla” comes from by the way they chop the chili.

  2. my boyfriend loves this thai sauce. where can I get the chilis?

  3. Ho Ho. and that’s the finely chopped version!!

  4. Not sure where you are but if you can’t get Prik Kee Noo Chillies, any small HOT chili will do. Usually the smaller the chili the hotter it is.

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