Galangal, also known as Galanga (Alpinia Galanga), is a rhizome widely used in Asia as a flavouring. Galangal or Galanga is used in Asian soups and curries and is similar in appearance to Root Ginger but the taste is completely different.

Galangal has an earthy, peppery somewhat soapy taste when eaten raw and is available as a fresh root or sliced. Galangal powder can be found in Asian supermarkets or you can grind dried pieces of Galangal to make the powder. Galangal is frequently used with Fish dishes as it has the ability to remove fishy smells. Alpinia Galanga is Greater Galangal but there is a smaller variety Alpinia officinarum which is known as Lesser Galangal which has reddish coloured flesh.

When topically applied, Galangal is a useful antiseptic and is used in India as a personal deodorant. it has also been claimed that Galangal has aphrodisiac qualities. Galangal possesses most of the health benefits attributed to Root Ginger. Galangal improves the digestive system and is also recommended for seasickness.


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