The Thai Chili, Prik Chee Fah, is not the hottest Thai Chili available but Prik Chee Fah is a Thai Chili and therefore should still be treated with some respect! The honour of being Thailand’s hottest chili is held by a tiny chili with the unusual name of Prik Kee Noo.

Prik Chee Fah, whose name literally means pointing to the sky, so named because of the way it grows, are sold in great quantities in the fresh markets all over Thailand. You will find both red and green Prik Chee Fah at the markets, usually sold mixed up together. The green chillies are just less ripe than the red chillies although the taste is the same. You will also find sun dried Prik Chee Fah on sale but if you are intending to sun dry Prik Chee Fah yourself then it is important to select only the red chillies. In Thai cuisine it’s probably true to say that dried chillies are used more than fresh chillies, it’s just that you don’t see them often as they are usually ground up before use.
Prik Chee Fah is a spur chili, about 6-12cm long and a member of the Capsicum frutescens species.


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