Black Bean Beef-Noodles

Black Bean Beef with Noodles is a family favourite, so easy to prepare and packed with flavour. We used Snow Peas in our Black Bean Beef with Noodles recipe but you can also use Sugarsnap Peas. Choose a god cut of Beef as the cooking time is so short. This can be served all day [Read More…]


Use a good quality beef like fillet or tenderloin for this Chinese Beef with Bell Pepper Recipe. Our Chinese Beef with Bell Pepper Recipe is a stir fry that is very quick to prepare and cook but is both an attractive and tasty dish suitable for any occasion. It is important to slice the beef [Read More…]


This stir fry beef recipe, Thai Beef in Oyster Sauce is a great favourite in Thailand. Thai Beef in Oyster Sauce, (ผัดเนื้อน้ำมันหอย). is a perfect example of Thai cuisine at its best, using fresh ingredients and quickly prepared and cooked. Neua Pad Nam Man Hoy, as this recipe is known as in Thailand, is one [Read More…]


With such a wide range of different spices, this Vietnamese Beef with Bok Choy recipe is just bursting with flavour. Vietnamese Beef takes only a few minutes to cook so try to use a good quality cut of beef. We used 6 different spices, more if you count the spices separately in Chinese 5 spice [Read More…]


I have been asked by several people for a Tibetan Food recipe called Beef Shapta. Unfortunately information on Beef Shapta is scanty but with what I have gathered I have put together my own Recipe for Tibetan Beef Shapta. However, with very little to work from, and never having eaten this dish before, it is possible that some changes may have to be made.


Although Beef Rendang originated in Indonesia, Beef Rendang has become one of the best known dishes in Malaysia and Singapore as well. Beef Rendang is rich and aromatic. Slow cooked in coconut milk and toasted coconut flakes together with a glorious mix of spices, Beef Rendang is well worth the effort to make, and it is an effort.

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