Indonesian Stewed Chicken

Semur Ayam is a highly aromatic Indonesian stewed chicken dish. Our recipe for Semur Ayam uses a variety of fresh spices giving the chicken a glorious fragrance and we added some coconut milk to give the stewed chicken an extra touch of richness. This is a very popular dish in both Indonesia and Malaysia. Ingredients [Read More…]


Also popular in Malaysia, Ayam Kleo, is a Singapore recipe for Coconut Chicken. Coconut Chicken is spicy, fragrant and full of flavour. The chicken is cooked twice in this Coconut Chicken recipe which enhances both the flavour and the fragrance of the dish. The rich and spicy coconut gravy makes this dish quite irresistible. Ingredients [Read More…]


What could be more delicious than our Chinese style Mango Chicken recipe. With crispy coated succulent chicken and luscious ripe mango in a tangy sauce, Mango Chicken is a special treat and so easy to prepare and cook. If you can’t find fresh mango, tinned mangoes can be substituted. Once the chicken has been added [Read More…]


This stir fry chicken dish, Pad Kee Mao Gai, comes from Thailand. Kee Mao in Thai means drunken and this extremely spicy stir fry chicken would certainly help anyone to sober up. Thai food has a reputation for being spicy and Pad Kee Mao Gai certainly does nothing to alter that reputation, being one of [Read More…]


This Vietnamese Chicken in Coconut Juice recipe is full of flavour and very simple to make. It is important to use a low heat so the chicken can be simmered slowly as this brings out the full richness and flavours of the dish. Coconut juice is the clear water inside a young coconut and can [Read More…]


This glorious Chicken Coconut Soup is from Thailand where it is called Tom Ka Gai and has a sour and spicy taste. Thai Coconut Chicken Soup though is not too spicy as the coconut milk not only gives the soup a creamy texture but also dilutes the fiery taste of the Chillies which makes Tom [Read More…]


This Green Chicken Curry is the perfect example why Thai food is so popular worldwide. Using only fresh spices and ingredients, Thai Green Chicken Curry is packed with flavour and has a marvellous green colour. This recipe is the now famous “Kaeng kiow wan gai” and for the visitors is possibly Thailand’s No. 1 curry. [Read More…]


This Szechuan Chicken dish has the rather curious name of Bang Bang Chicken, apparently because of the sound made tenderizing the chicken with a rolling pin. Bang Bang Chicken is popular in Chinese restaurants but you can easily make it at home. Szechuan Bang Bang Chicken makes a delicious starter and can be served with a few Cos Lettuce leaves.


Thai Chicken in Pandanus Leaves, called Gai Haw Bai Toei in Thailand, is an interesting and attractive way to serve chicken. Thai Chicken in Pandanus Leaves can be served as a snack, appetizer or part of a Thai style meal. Inside the Pandanus leaf, the chicken will be fragrant and juicy. If you can’t find [Read More…]


This Hong Kong style Sweet Sour Chicken recipe is a great favourite in Chinese Restaurants around the world. The sweet and Tangy flavours in our sweet sour chicken sauce complement the crispy twice fried chicken making a truly mouthwatering dish. The secret of a good sweet sour sauce is to get a balance between the flavours, not too sweet, not too sour.


Lemon Chinese Chicken is coated in batter and deep fried, unlike other Lemon Chicken recipes which are baked in an oven. Our Lemon Chinese Chicken has a lemon sauce which is a Cantonese creation. To get the same bright yellow colour in the lemon sauce as many Chinese Restaurants serve, you will need to add some yellow food colouring but this is not essential as the taste will not be affected.


Chicken wings are always a favourite and this Chinese Chicken Wings in Red Wine Recipe is a wonderful combination of Oriental spices and flavourings together with a red wine sauce. If you purchase complete chicken wings there is no need to throw away the wing tips, use them when making the chicken stock


Our Spicy Chicken with coconut milk Indonesian recipe uses several spices but is not a “hot spicy” dish. In this Indonesian recipe, fresh spices should be used if possible. This spicy chicken with coconut milk recipe turns ordinary grilled chicken into a vibrant and colourful dish that is full of flavour and is also very quick and easy to prepare.


Tibetan food is not so well known but this Tibetan Butter Chicken recipe (Mar Jasha) could help to change that. Our Butter Chicken recipe will show you just how good Tibetan food can be. With its unique range of spices and ingredients, this Tibetan Butter Chicken recipe makes an interesting contrast with its Indian counterpart.

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