The Big Book of Thai Curries

This is our first ever book review and we cannot heap enough praise on this marvellous book. If you are interested in Thai Curries, The Big Book of Thai Curries is the book to buy and indeed is the only book you will ever need. The author of The Big Book of Thai Curries, Vatcharin [Read More…]

Panang Curry

This Panang Curry is a Thai Curry with Prawns and small Aubergines or Eggplants. Panang Curry, sometimes written as Panaeng Curry, is rich, colourful and not very spicy so can be enjoyed without fear unlike some of the other Thai curries. It is now possible to purchase many of the Thai Curry pastes, including Panang [Read More…]


This Mushroom Curry is a curry dish from Thailand and uses Straw Mushrooms. As Thai curries go, Thai Mushroom Curry is not too hot and, because of the Coconut milk, is rich and creamy. If you cannot find fresh Straw Mushrooms you can usually buy them canned in Asian supermarkets. Mushroom Curry is an ideal [Read More…]


This is a Vietnamese recipe for a vegetarian spicy Tofu Curry. The ‘meat’ in the Tofu Curry is Tofu Ham and I have given details below of how to make it. Depending on how spicy you want the Tofu Curry to be, you can adjust the quantity of Curry powder or even add 1 or [Read More…]


This Crab Curry known as Poo Phat Pong Kari (Gari) is a truly mouthwatering curry and everyone I know just loves Poo Phat Pong Kari. The crab curry uses Pong Kari Curry Powder which is not hot so will suit all tastes. Our Poo Phat Pong Kari recipe calls for a whole fresh crab. Unfortunately, [Read More…]


The Curry Powder, Pong Kari (Pong Gari), is an essential ingredient in a few Thai Curries. Pong Kari is available commercially and there are many different brands of this curry powder to choose from but it’s much better to make your own. Pong Kari is an Indian style curry powder that is spicy rather than hot.


This Green Chicken Curry is the perfect example why Thai food is so popular worldwide. Using only fresh spices and ingredients, Thai Green Chicken Curry is packed with flavour and has a marvellous green colour. This recipe is the now famous “Kaeng kiow wan gai” and for the visitors is possibly Thailand’s No. 1 curry. [Read More…]


Thai Green Curry Paste forms the basis of all Thai Green Curries. Thai Green Curry Paste is called Prik Kaeng Kiow Wan, not nam prik Kaeng as some people erroneously call it. Most self respecting Thai cooks will make their own curry pastes using a mortar and pestle but there are many different brands commercially [Read More…]


Hot and Spicy Prawns is a simple Indian Curry Recipe. You can tone down the heat by reducing the number of dried Chillies but Hot and Spicy Prawns is meant to be just that, hot and spicy. This Indian Curry Recipe is a one pan dish that takes only minutes to prepare and cook


Thai prawn curry with pineapple is one of our favourites and is called Kaeng Kua Sapparot in Thai. Our Thai prawn curry with pineapple recipe uses the Thai curry paste “Kaeng Kua” which like most of the Thai curry pastes is very hot. However, Thai prawn curry with pineapple is not too spicy for Western tastes as the heat is tempered by the coconut cream and is fairly mild as Thai curries go.


The Thai Curry Paste Kaeng Kua is extremely popular in the South of Thailand. Kaeng Kua is one of many varieties of Thai Curry Paste available which give Thai curries their own unique flavours. Kaeng Kua is the curry paste used to make the famous Thai curry “Kaeng Kua Sapparot”.


Thai Red Curry Paste is made with red chillies. Thai red curry paste is called Kaeng Phet, Phet meaning “hot spicy”, Kaeng being the Thai word for curry and this Thai red curry paste is certainly hot! Curry pastes are essential to Thai curries and the making of curry paste has long been a part of Thai culture.


Our Rogan Josh recipe is based on a traditional Kashmiri recipe. Rogan Josh is a well known Indian lamb curry but was first brought to India by the Moghuls. This Rogan Josh recipe uses many Indian spices and, whilst recipes vary widely, even in India, will give you an authentic taste of this wonderful Indian curry. You can therefore adjust the ingredients according to your personal preferences.

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