Thai recipe Nam Prik Ong

Nam Prik Ong is a very popular Northern Thai recipe. The main ingredient of Nam Prik Ong is ground pork and the dish is usually served with a selection of lightly steamed vegetables and crispy pork skins together with a small bowl of “Sticky Rice“. Frequently eaten in Thailand as an appetizer, this dish can [Read More…]


The Chinese Sauce Hoisin, sometimes called Chinese BBQ sauce, is a classic Chinese sauce. Hoisin has become indispensable in our kitchen because it is so simple to make and has such a wide variety of uses. We use Hoisin frequently in stir fries and barbecues and it is really delicious on its own as a dip for parties and snacks. Peking Duck is one well known example of the use of this Chinese sauce.


Soy Sauce is perhaps the best known Asian sauce. This Asian sauce has 2 basic types, Light or Dark. Dark Soy sauce is aged much longer than light Soy sauce and, as the name suggests, has a blacker colour and is more viscous. Light Soy sauce, with its saltier flavour is used more in cooking [Read More…]

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