Indonesian Stewed Chicken

Semur Ayam is a highly aromatic Indonesian stewed chicken dish. Our recipe for Semur Ayam uses a variety of fresh spices giving the chicken a glorious fragrance and we added some coconut milk to give the stewed chicken an extra touch of richness. This is a very popular dish in both Indonesia and Malaysia. Ingredients [Read More…]


Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Belly Pork is a very popular dish in Thailand where it is called ‘Kana Moo Grob” or ‘Pad Pak Kana Moo Grob’. Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Belly Pork is not a spicy dish but full of flavour and the Chinese Broccoli not only complements the fatty pork but adds attractive colour [Read More…]


Use a good quality beef like fillet or tenderloin for this Chinese Beef with Bell Pepper Recipe. Our Chinese Beef with Bell Pepper Recipe is a stir fry that is very quick to prepare and cook but is both an attractive and tasty dish suitable for any occasion. It is important to slice the beef [Read More…]


Also popular in Malaysia, Ayam Kleo, is a Singapore recipe for Coconut Chicken. Coconut Chicken is spicy, fragrant and full of flavour. The chicken is cooked twice in this Coconut Chicken recipe which enhances both the flavour and the fragrance of the dish. The rich and spicy coconut gravy makes this dish quite irresistible. Ingredients [Read More…]


What could be more delicious than our Chinese style Mango Chicken recipe. With crispy coated succulent chicken and luscious ripe mango in a tangy sauce, Mango Chicken is a special treat and so easy to prepare and cook. If you can’t find fresh mango, tinned mangoes can be substituted. Once the chicken has been added [Read More…]


This stir fry beef recipe, Thai Beef in Oyster Sauce is a great favourite in Thailand. Thai Beef in Oyster Sauce, (ผัดเนื้อน้ำมันหอย). is a perfect example of Thai cuisine at its best, using fresh ingredients and quickly prepared and cooked. Neua Pad Nam Man Hoy, as this recipe is known as in Thailand, is one [Read More…]


This stir fry chicken dish, Pad Kee Mao Gai, comes from Thailand. Kee Mao in Thai means drunken and this extremely spicy stir fry chicken would certainly help anyone to sober up. Thai food has a reputation for being spicy and Pad Kee Mao Gai certainly does nothing to alter that reputation, being one of [Read More…]


This is a Vietnamese recipe for a vegetarian spicy Tofu Curry. The ‘meat’ in the Tofu Curry is Tofu Ham and I have given details below of how to make it. Depending on how spicy you want the Tofu Curry to be, you can adjust the quantity of Curry powder or even add 1 or [Read More…]


With such a wide range of different spices, this Vietnamese Beef with Bok Choy recipe is just bursting with flavour. Vietnamese Beef takes only a few minutes to cook so try to use a good quality cut of beef. We used 6 different spices, more if you count the spices separately in Chinese 5 spice [Read More…]


Korean Pizza is unlike any other Pizza, indeed in appearance it is more like an omlette or crepe. We have used squid and prawns in our Korean Seafood Pizza but you can vary the ingredients. Cooking time might vary slightly depending on which ingredients you use but the Pizza should be crisp on the bottom [Read More…]


This Vietnamese Chicken in Coconut Juice recipe is full of flavour and very simple to make. It is important to use a low heat so the chicken can be simmered slowly as this brings out the full richness and flavours of the dish. Coconut juice is the clear water inside a young coconut and can [Read More…]


This Hong Kong style Sweet Sour Chicken recipe is a great favourite in Chinese Restaurants around the world. The sweet and Tangy flavours in our sweet sour chicken sauce complement the crispy twice fried chicken making a truly mouthwatering dish. The secret of a good sweet sour sauce is to get a balance between the flavours, not too sweet, not too sour.


Although Beef Rendang originated in Indonesia, Beef Rendang has become one of the best known dishes in Malaysia and Singapore as well. Beef Rendang is rich and aromatic. Slow cooked in coconut milk and toasted coconut flakes together with a glorious mix of spices, Beef Rendang is well worth the effort to make, and it is an effort.


Lemon Chinese Chicken is coated in batter and deep fried, unlike other Lemon Chicken recipes which are baked in an oven. Our Lemon Chinese Chicken has a lemon sauce which is a Cantonese creation. To get the same bright yellow colour in the lemon sauce as many Chinese Restaurants serve, you will need to add some yellow food colouring but this is not essential as the taste will not be affected.


This recipe for Teriyaki Salmon combines 2 of our favourites, Teriyaki Sauce and wonderfully moist and firm pink salmon. For the Teriyaki Salmon you can use salmon steaks or boneless salmon fillets. Be careful not to overcook the salmon or it will become dry. The salmon is ready when it flakes easily with a fork

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