Thai recipe Nam Prik Ong

Nam Prik Ong is a very popular Northern Thai recipe. The main ingredient of Nam Prik Ong is ground pork and the dish is usually served with a selection of lightly steamed vegetables and crispy pork skins together with a small bowl of “Sticky Rice“. Frequently eaten in Thailand as an appetizer, this dish can [Read More…]


Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Belly Pork is a very popular dish in Thailand where it is called ‘Kana Moo Grob” or ‘Pad Pak Kana Moo Grob’. Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Belly Pork is not a spicy dish but full of flavour and the Chinese Broccoli not only complements the fatty pork but adds attractive colour [Read More…]


Crispy Pork Belly known as Moo Grob in Thailand is so delicious that just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Crispy Pork Belly is made from a piece of Pork Belly with the skin still on. Pork Belly is called Moo Sam Chan which means 3 layered pork which perfectly describes this taste exploding [Read More…]


For this Chinese Spare Ribs in Szechuan Sauce recipe, the Spare Ribs should be cut into 2.5cm/1″ pieces. I have given 2 cooking methods for my Chinese Spare Ribs in Szechuan Sauce, and which method you use really depends on the type of spare ribs you have. If your ribs are thick and meaty then use the Oven method but if the ribs are not so meaty, as in many Chinese Spare Rib dishes, then the frying method is ideal.


This Sweet Sour Pork Belly Recipe is Chinese in origin. The luscious texture of the Pork Belly is well complemented by our sweet sour recipe creating a dish that simply oozes with flavour and is mouthwatering to look at. Pork belly is an extremely popular cut of Pork in China and many other Asian countries and is now becoming more widely used in the West.

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