Panang Curry

This Panang Curry is a Thai Curry with Prawns and small Aubergines or Eggplants. Panang Curry, sometimes written as Panaeng Curry, is rich, colourful and not very spicy so can be enjoyed without fear unlike some of the other Thai curries. It is now possible to purchase many of the Thai Curry pastes, including Panang [Read More…]


Thailand has a rich supply of seafood and what could be more mouthwatering than this Garlic Shrimp Thai recipe that uses large succulent Shrimps with lots of garlic and a hint of Ginger. Our Garlic Shrimp Thai recipe makes an attractive dish for the dinner table and is always popular at cocktail parties. Simple to [Read More…]


This Baked Shrimp with Glass Noodles recipe is a slightly modified version of the well known Thai recipe, Kung Op Wun Sen. Traditionally, the shrimps or prawns in Baked Shrimp with Glass Noodles are cooked whole without removing the shell but you can remove the shells if you prefer, perhaps reserving one or two unshelled [Read More…]


Hot and Spicy Prawns is a simple Indian Curry Recipe. You can tone down the heat by reducing the number of dried Chillies but Hot and Spicy Prawns is meant to be just that, hot and spicy. This Indian Curry Recipe is a one pan dish that takes only minutes to prepare and cook


Thai prawn curry with pineapple is one of our favourites and is called Kaeng Kua Sapparot in Thai. Our Thai prawn curry with pineapple recipe uses the Thai curry paste “Kaeng Kua” which like most of the Thai curry pastes is very hot. However, Thai prawn curry with pineapple is not too spicy for Western tastes as the heat is tempered by the coconut cream and is fairly mild as Thai curries go.

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