If you have never eaten Thai candied bananas before then you are in for a treat. This banana dessert is so simple to make yet sinfully sweet and luscious. We used a Thai banana called Kluay nahm wah for this banana dessert, but you can use any type of banana as long as it is not too ripe, although not all bananas will turn this lovely shade of red. You can always cheat a little by adding a drop or two of red food colouring to the syrup.

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Ingredients for Banana Dessert – Thai Candied Bananas

6-8 Bananas, peeled and cut into short lengths
3 Cups Sugar
2 Cups Water
3 Tbsp Coconut Cream (optional)


1. Using a wok, add the sugar and water and heat until all the sugar has dissolved.

2. Remove from the heat and strain the liquid through a muslin cloth.

3. Bring the liquid to the boil over a low heat. Add the bananas and increase the heat to medium. Continue cooking until the syrup is thick, stirring occasionally.

4. Remove the bananas from the wok and arrange in a dish. Pour the remaining syrup over the bananas. Drizzle some coconut cream onto the bananas (optional) and serve.

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